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Seralini study on GM maize and Roundup dropped

December 5th 2013

Scientific Journal on its knees for Monsanto?

On 29 November, the scientific journal that published the RESEARCH by Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini and his team on the health impacts of Monsanto's GM maize and of Roundup, announced it would de-publish the study. The study was published over a year ago and called for more long term research of the health impacts of GMOs and pesticides. The decision of the journal seems to be a response to strong industry pressure, rather than to scientific concerns.

The journal, stressing in its letter to Mr Séralini that there was no speak of fraud or unethical research. The decision was rather based on the fact that no firm conclusions could be drawn from the findings, something that was known all along. Normally, such grounds are never regarded sufficient to take such a drastic step. Normally only misbehaviour, redundant publications are listed as reasons to withdrawn publications in this journal.

The study followed the same methods as the study Monsanto did to get authorisation for this GM maize. Only, Seralini's study followed the rats that were fed the maize and Roundup during their whole lifetime (2 years), not just the 90 days which is the standard in GMO tests (if feeding studies are done at all). So if the Seralini study is not valid, then why would the Monsanto study be? As it seems, double standards are applied.

CRIIGEN, the French institute where Séralini's team is based, comments: ".. a short Monsanto study, which was published in the same journal to prove the safety of their product, contains errors or frauds, and is not thesubject of a controversy. It was conducted with the same strain and number of rats, but its comparators are false because the feed for control rats is contaminated by GMOs, at doses comparable to the treated rats."

Only a few months ago, a former Monsanto researcher, Richard Goodman, entered the editorial board of the journal. Several other editorial board members have ties with biotech company Pioneer and lobbygroup ILSI. A coincidence? Probably not!

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