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US State Vermont willing to start GM labelling of GM food

April 23rd 2014

Now the Vermont Senat decides, if it will approve the changes of the Senat. The law is supposed to enter into force in mid 2016. Vermont is the first US state that decided independently from neighbour states about GM labelling.

Lobby groups as US grocery manufactures are opposing any mandatory labelling of GM food.

The newswire Reuters quoted “Andrea Stander, a spokesperson for the Vermont Right to Know GMOs coalition, said they expect the biotech industry to sue in an attempt to stop enactment of the bill.

Dutch Parliament decides to ban glyphosate use in gardens

March 18th 2014

The ban will enter into force as from November 2015. The resolution was tabled by the animal rights party (Partij voor de Dieren). Already in 2011 the Parliament called on the government to ban all non-agricultural use of glyphosate, so including its use by municipalities or rail maintenance. But the Dutch government created lots of loopholes. Now a ban on the sale of glyphosate-based herbicides in garden centers is unavoidable. A huge victory!


Seralini study on GM maize and Roundup dropped

December 5th 2013

The journal, stressing in its letter to Mr Séralini that there was no speak of fraud or unethical research. The decision was rather based on the fact that no firm conclusions could be drawn from the findings, something that was known all along. Normally, such grounds are never regarded sufficient to take such a drastic step. Normally only misbehaviour, redundant publications are listed as reasons to withdrawn publications in this journal.

Argentina: Sofia Gatica threatened, anti-Monsanto camp attacked

December 5th 2013

Sofia Gatica, activist from Cordoba, Argentina, who appears in the film on this website testifying on the impact of RoundupReady soy crops grown around her community, was recently threatened and beaten up. These events followed a two month blockading action that started on September 19 in the city of Malvinas, on the site where Monsanto wants to build the largest GM maize seed producing plant in South America.


November 4th 2013

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