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Argentina: Sofia Gatica threatened, anti-Monsanto camp attacked

December 5th 2013

Sofia Gatica, activist from Cordoba, Argentina, who appears in the film on this website testifying on the impact of RoundupReady soy crops grown around her community, was recently threatened and beaten up. Sofia received the 2012 Goldman Environmental Prize for her fight against soy producers contaminating her community by spraying pesticides.

These events followed a two month blockading action that started on September 19 in the city of Malvinas, on the site where Monsanto wants to build the largest GM maize seed producing plant in South America. Concerned citizens of Malvinas, demanding information from their municipality since Monsanto's plans were announced, have demanded to be able to vote on these plans to go ahead in their community or not. According to three Argentinean universities, the permission granted to Monsanto failed legal procedures that demand an environmental impact assessment. A campaign “Malvinas Lucha por la Vida” (Malvinas Struggle for Life) unites people from Cordoba and beyond against Monsanto's project.

Since the blockade started, the building companies have taken away their machines and building activities were stopped. But an intimidation campaign against active citizens was started. On 31 October, Monsanto accused Sofia of being a “danger to public security” and denounced alleged “actions of violence” by the protestors to building site workers. On the early morning of 28 November, a gang of around 60 men entered the camp, ripping up tents and beating up people. At least 20 were wounded, among them Sofia. Some police officers present stood by and watched. This sparked a wave of solidarity around the country, with musician Manu Chao and documentary maker Marie Monique Robin visiting the camp these days.

An Avaaz petition in Spanish has been started to support the resistance against the Monsanto plant:

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