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Get active: stop new toxic crops on our fields

Ottobre 23rd 2014

Our politicians plans to authorise more toxic GM maize to be grown on our fields. The European Commission puts the approval of two new GM maize types to a vote on 27th March, as well as the re-approval of the only GM crop currently permitted for cultivation in the EU. It is time to close our countryside to GM crops and make farming resilient to climate change, save family farms and stop the destruction of nature.

Thus please write to the minister from your country but also to the two Italian ministers.

Trojan Horse Trade Deal Could Increase GM Food and crops in Europe

Settembre 29th 2014

Analysis of the text published Friday (26 September 2014) from recently completed trade negotiations with Canada – seen as a template for the US trade deal – shows that the EU has already agreed to co-operate with Canada, allowing low levels of GMO contamination in food and seed. In addition, a leaked letter from the EU’s former food safety chief shows a willingness to increase imports of GM rapeseed as part of the Canadian trade deal.

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This website and film present some of the dangers of GM-crops, and call for people across Europe and beyond to take action to stop them. We need a future of food and farming that benefits people and planet, and not the pockets of big business. We need to stop GM-crops from spreading across Europe. You can sign up for updates and alerts opposite.