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One of the claims made by proponents of genetically modified crops is that GM technology increases farmers’ seed choices. They also claim that farmers in countries that restrict GMO production have fewer seed options. But recent research shows the opposite—that instead of increasing farmers’ choice, the introduction of GM crops has limited farmers’ seed options.

Rada Ministrów przyjęła dziś – 2 stycznia 2013 r. dwa ważne rozporządzenia o zakazie stosowania materiału siewnego odmian modyfikowanych genetycznie (GMO), kukurydzy MON 810 i ziemniaka Amflora.

The Polish government has banned cultivation of certain genetically modified (GM) strains of maize and potatoes, according to a government statement on January 2. The ban, which will take effect on January 28, uses a legal loophole to circumvent the EU's acceptance of such products.


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