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Legal fight to declare location of GM field

Dicembre 17th 2012

Spanish civil society groups Friends of the Earth Spain, Access Info Europe and Greenpeace have taken legal actions to claim for transparency on GMO cultivation. Spain has been growing GM-crops since 1998 with a complete lack of transparency and control.

Up to now in Spain failed to organise public register for GM fields (as mandatory in the European law 2001/18), so organic and conventional farmers cannot tale measure to protect their fields against contamination with GM crops. Farmers also haven’t any chance to take legal actions when contamination happens.


Hier geht es um viel Geld

Novembre 2nd 2012

Pflanzenökologin Angelika Hilbeck von der ETH Zürich über Diffamierungskampagnen gegen gentech-kritische Wissenschaftler


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