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GM maize failing in Brazil

Abril 3rd 2013

Brazilian news reported last week that GM maize fields are being destroyed by the pest the crop was designed to resist, the Fall army worm. Farmers have reported that in the Federal District around the nation’s capital Brasília, and the state of Paraná, growing resistance in pests to the crop’s toxins is making GM-technology redundant.

German fields are GMO-free in 2013

Marzo 28th 2013

Monsanto´s Mon 810 maize has been banned since 2009 and BASF´s Amflora potato was an economic disaster from the very beginning – authorised in 2010 for cultivation, it was grown by just one farmer on 15 hectares in 2010 and 2 hectares in 2011, and then never again.

In addition, the number of field trials is continuously dropping: from 67,8 hectares in 2007 (peak) to 0,8 hectares in 2012 to zero in 2013.

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