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Key decision about future of GM crops in Europe

January 18th 2017

here you can write or tweet to your minister and tell them why our farming and nature needs a GMOfree future.

More and more governments are announcing to reject these toxic crops as Poland, Austria, Greece, Luxembourg, Austria and Hungary.

Guerra jurídica para obter localizações dos terrenos com transgénicos

August 8th 2013

As associações ambientalistas espanholas Greenpeace, Access Info Europe e Amigos da Terra Espanha foram para tribunal para exigir transparência no cultivo de transgénicos no país. A Espanha tem vindo a cultivar sementes geneticamente modificadas desde 1998 e nunca houve cumprimento dos vínculos legais.

A questão aqui está toda no dinheiro

August 8th 2013

A questão que se coloca é: que agricultura queremos?

About the Stop the Crop campaign

This website and film present some of the dangers of GM-crops, and call for people across Europe and beyond to take action to stop them. We need a future of food and farming that benefits people and planet, and not the pockets of big business. We need to stop GM-crops from spreading across Europe. You can sign up for updates and alerts opposite.

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