Stop the Crop

For a sustainable, GMO-free future

Week of action against GM crops in Spain

April 10th 2013

A whole week of actions is being organized in Spain from 15th to 21st April against GM crops and for Food Sovereignty. Protests, concerts, workshops and other actions will take place all around the country.

Italian Health minister demands ban of GM maize

April 4th 2013

Today the Italian Health minister required that the authorization of the cultivation of GM maize (technical name Mon810) should be immediately suspended in Italy and all other European countries. This is a reaction to a scientific report by the Italian Agricultural Research Council (CRA) about the insecticide producing GM maize. This announcement moves Italy closer to the bans of the GM maize from seven other European countries (Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg and Poland), and it is the result of the Italian public rejection which unites farmers , consumers, environmentalist from all the country.

About the Stop the Crop campaign

This website and film present some of the dangers of GM-crops, and call for people across Europe and beyond to take action to stop them. We need a future of food and farming that benefits people and planet, and not the pockets of big business. We need to stop GM-crops from spreading across Europe. You can sign up for updates and alerts opposite.