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Belgian anti-GM activists acquitted of 'criminal gang' charge

January 6th 2015

This verdict emphasised the absurdity of persecuting people who defend social and environmental causes by participating in an action of non-violent civil disobedience for forming a criminal gang. According to the Field Liberation Movement and all their supporters this action was necessary to denounce the undemocratic nature of decisions around GMOs. Indeed, the field trial itself was judged illegal in a Belgian court (but was nevertheless allowed to continue). The Belgian Green Party is now proposing a new bill that aims to make it impossible to sue protesters as criminal organizations.

Real rights to ban GMOs a step closer

November 12th 2014

The environment committee of the European Parliament voted to support stronger legal grounds for national governments to impose bans on the cultivation of GM crops on their territory. Importantly, MEPs also voted against giving biotech companies a role in decision-making about GM crop bans.

Friends of the Earth Europe had warned that a weak 'poisoned chalice' agreement could give unprecedented power to biotech companies.

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